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Message from the Chairman



Jiangsu Lian Shun Machinery Co.,  Ltd. Since founded, adhering to the "science and technology, innovation and development, quality of survival, in good faith to be customers," the spirit of enterprise, the "people-oriented, technology leadership, customer first" philosophy.Vast sea, a thousand boats compete. It makes us confident in this competition and development with the opportunities and challenges of the environment, more confidence, so that we learn down to earth efforts and tireless pursuit.With these two companies, it took root development. It makes everyone in the business shines with humanity in life and work, the wisdom of Emmanuel, our partners and like us more confidence to the future.This is our wealth, but also our values, but we provide customers with quality service every power and faith.

Carved secret agents, we are down to earth; mind the world, we aim high. Based in Jiangsu, the National Radiation, think globally.In the future, we have only one goal: through its own strengths and contributions to society, with "integrity and quality" shaping China's plastics machinery industry brand of excellence, so Shun mechanical internationally renowned! 

We are convinced that: maturing Shun company will be a more moderate pace, with of urgency, a sense of mission but myself step forward to lead the plastics machinery industry.Uphold the integrity, open concept, our company is willing to work together with you to create a more brilliant tomorrow.